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Autism & Homeopathic Natural Detox of Heavy Metals

Many times the "symptoms" of autism are a result of an extremely susceptible children and to an overburden of heavy metals and other substances that need to be homeopathicly detoxed....This is how we do it to start the healing process.....

This homeopathic process of healing and unlocking the body from many symptoms of autism starts with a detailed case history of any triggers that may have occurred weeks of when symptoms were noticed. So for example if the MMR vaccine was given to a child and within one week or a month symptoms or changes are noticed with the Childs behaviour, that would raise a red flag for a possible item we would look at detoxing with homeopathic medicine. This is true for any medication the child or mother were on, during pregnancy or feeding, and also anything the child has ever taken.

This gentle homeopathic and natural procedure is sometimes called CEASE therapy or Isotherapy which is the same thing. The procedure is quick and simple, and can be compared to the procedure that is preformed many times when a person is bitten and poisoned by a spider or snake. The "antidote" for this poison is a severely diluted form of the venom that poisoned the person in the first place.

This is almost the exact procedure we use in homeopathic medicine based off of whatever the trigger substance may have been. In this example it would be the homeopathic, nano diluted, version of the MMR vaccine. Many times this will "unlock" the childs mind and we will see them trying to speak, learning new works, trying new things, digestion improve, etc.

Please give us a call to find out how this can help your child, it is totally safe and you have nothing to lose but everything to gain from trying it.

We treat patients all across the world through online Skype consultations.

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