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First Constipation......Now Encopresis?

Children will deal with long lasting constipation usually from birth that does not get addressed, and then many times this will lead to accidents and a diagnosis of Encopresis. Homeopathic medicine corrects this faulty messaging from the brain to the GI tract resulting in permanent correct of this problem. WITHOUT fiber supplements, WITHOUT Laxative, WITHOUT medications. Sound nice?

There are two main types of constipation we see in children in particular leading to Encopresis. The first type is caused by large, hard stools that the body attempts to move but it becomes too painful for the child to have a movement, so the stool is held in. The second type can be with a soft or hard stool, but is mainly caused by a paralysis of the muscles that help move the stool through the GI tract.

So we have two groups of natural homeopathic remedies that will deal with one of these two driving causes, the hard/large stool and the paralysis.

Unless there are major diet errors, then this is a messaging problem from the brain to the digestive system that homeopathic medicine will address and correct without any other changes.

A couple of the top homeopathic natural remedies are the following, but are always based on a complete case of the child's history and current specific symptom picture. Calcarea Carbonia, Sulphur, Sileca, Sepia Officinalis, Byonia, Contact us to find out more about these.

We treat children all over the world through online skype consultations as we focus and specialize in pediatric care using natural medicine. Give us a call to find out how homeopathic medicine can help restore health.

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