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If you're reading this section chances are your children will not sit in one place, are extremely restless and will not sleep at night time.  It is effecting their school, and chances are your sleep at night, or lack there of.
The medications they give these children many times suppress the symptoms of this hyperactivity but never address the driving cause behind it.  They become a shadow and dulled down version of their former self. 
Homeopathic medicine and its natural reduction of hyperactivity works supports your child development while taking that hyperactive edge off, leveling the child off. 
They will typically sleep better, excel in school, and be able to function without extreme hyper activity that usually controls them.
The homeopathic remedies and medicine for ADHD and hyperactivity we have available are natural and side effect free, made from plant or mineral based medicines.  The way it is prescribe is very individualized and specific to your child's exact presentation of hyperactivity. 
The best things is that once this hyperactivity has been corrected, no more medicine will be needed and it will be as if your child's mind and body have been reset to a new standard.
Give us a call to get specifics on how we deal with this.
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