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The slightest thing will anger them, they will hit, scream, and have tantrums at the drop of a dime.  You also notice that they can put together such a perfectly executed story that you know is a complete lie.  This is something pretty common we deal with at our clinic.

This is something that these kids can just not seem to control, it is a subconscious reaction that happens spontaneously.


Finding the specific homeopathic medicine that covers the complete complex of symptoms presented in your child will not only improve their sleep, their relationships with teachers and friends, but more importantly their aggression.


This is not something that needs to be taken forever, but generally for a series of months until this imbalance is corrected, and then no further medicine is required. 

Call us to discuss you child's specific issues when it comes to anger, hitting and aggression and we can talk about how we can help "their body" to solve it!

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