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(Sounds boring right, but without one there is no healing)

Our philosophy is simple, we will stimulate “the body” to restore health from illness or disease WITHOUT vitamins, supplements, detox cleanses, antibiotics, steroids. PERIOD.

Homeopathic medicine is one of the most systematic and scientifically proven systems of medicine while also being the future of true healing medicine.

We are experts in ONE system of complete medicine, we specialize in only ONE system of medicine. Remember the only way permanent health is restored is by stimulating the body to do the work.  When you rely on an external factors(vitamins, supplements, medications, creams, steroids), your child will be dependent on them forever, while never being able to stimulate the body to heal.  There is treating case, then there is also treating effect of illness and disease.  We focus on addressing the cause of your childs autism and speech delays.  Remember one thing, the power that made the body, can heal the body.

One medicine is prescribed at a time when you visit our clinic, based off the mental/emotional(anxiety, anger, hyperactivity, depression, aggression) and physical symptoms(colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis, constipation, seizures, fevers, etc) that make up your child’s complete case. One medicine, when very specifically chosen based off your child’s case, has the capability to correct all the mental, emotional and physical symptoms like no other system of medicine.  In this way everything can completely heals at once with the patient.  This is the definition of true holistic medicine that homeopathy can claim.


Homeopathy is capable of this type of deep and complete healing from the inside out.


 Contact us to find out how homeopathy can change your child’s life like no other system of medicine.

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