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Enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids

From now on when you think about tonsils or adenoids I want you to think of that annoying smoke detector going off in your house.  It's job is to warn you of a bigger problem developing, in your home it is usually a fire, in your child's body it is usually a very unhealthy and imbalanced immune system.  You could just pull the batteries which would be the same as surgery removing the tonsils or adenoids. 


The underlying problem always remains.

So if you opt for surgery, remember you are only removing the result of a disease process and you are totally missing the cause of it.  Because most times breathing will improve as a result of the obstruction being removed, but the coughs, colds, chest infections, failure to thrive, low appetite, constipation, sleep apnea and a entire list of other symptoms will not.

On the other hand, under homeopathic corrective care of swollen tonsils and adenoids, all this problems heal, your child does not get sick anymore, their immune system is supercharged permanently, and then the swollen tonsils and adenoids go back to their normal size as a result.

This is the way true corrective healing takes place.  God made us in perfection from the day two cells joined and formed 90 trillion cells to form a perfectly health child.

Find out how we can change your child's life, avoids surgery for tonsillitis and swollen adenoids, and get your child off all these antibiotics.

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