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Tautopathy is a sub-branch of Homeopathy. It is a similar approach to homeopathy (‘similar disease’) in that it uses no-risk, diluted remedies prepared from conventional medicines, vaccines, in an attempt to prevent or relieve harmful reactions caused by those same substances.

Tautopathic examples include: potentised antibiotics for the ill-effects of antibiotics; potentised steroids for the ill-effects of steroid medications; potentised vaccines for the ill-effects of vaccines, and so on.


While tautopathy is quick, simple approach that has been shown to reduce the adverse effects of various toxins, homeopathy is a considered approach that concurrently treats underlying susceptibility as well as side-effects.

This is the therapeutic that only homeopathy offers for any ill effects that may have occurred after any medical intervention, matching the exact medical substance used and something we have been using successfully at this clinic the last 10 years.


Detox Directions and Cautions
1st Video Directions...
2nd Video Directions...
*Must use 5 drops as a revision instead of the mentioned 1 drop
3rd Video Direction...
*Must use 5 drop as a revision instead of the mentioned 1 drop
4th Video Directions...
Final Video
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