"The Protocol that has Over 80% Success in REDUCING Symptoms of Autism..."

The Goal of this NATURAL Homeopathic Vaccine Detoxification is to help UNLOCK these issues for your child with AUTISM...


Non-Verbal Kids Begin Repeating


Speech Delayed Kids Begin to Speak in 



Comprehension of what is being said & Responding Appropriately


Reduction in Toe Walking & Hand Flapping

Eye Contact

Develop Eye Contact and many times Begin Recognizing Mom and Dad

The Most Frequently Asked Questions & their ANSWERS about the Protocol... 

How Does the Vaccine Detoxification Protocol Work?

The protocol follows the laws and principles that govern all prescriptions in homeopathic medicine, no matter what health issue we are helping address. Breifly, this is called the LAW OF SIMILARS. It states "that what a substance can cause when administered to a healthy person it can also cure when given in diluted doses to a sick person, presenting with those exact same symptoms". Worldwide, over 200 million people use homeopathy on a regular basis. Homeopathy is included in the national health systems of a number of countries e.g. Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland to list a few and they all heal following this principle and law. The Vaccine Detoxification Protocol follows the law of "like cures like". If for example, a very specific substance caused a noticable change in your child, like the DTAP vaccination, then we will administer that same DTAP vaccination in severly nano dosed and diluted form to trigger a specific healing response. ALL homeopathic substances are so diluted, including the vaccine detox medicines, that not one molecule of the orIginal SUBSTANCE/vaccine exists in the homeopathic dilution that your child recieves. WE KEEP THE MEDICINAL EFFECT & DETOX EFFECT, BUT REMOVE ALL SIDE EFFCTS THIS WAY OF EVERY MEDICINE THAT IS USED.

Can you give an Example if how this Detox would apply to my Child with Autism?

Yes! It is the best way to understand it... Example 1 Child A recieves TDAP and MMR vaccination and within the next 30 days the mom and dad notice serious changes in their child. The child loses all his ABC, dosent say mommy or daddy, and stops eating food. In this case we will orde the TDAP and MMR vaccine from the homeopathic pharmacy in extremely diluted form, to the point where there is not even 1 molecule of the original vaccine left, and administer it. Many times this will trigger an exact healing response to what happen after the DTAP and MMR, which would be loss of words, and loss of appetie.

Is this Safe for my Child?

Yes extemely safe! Homeopathy in all forms, including this Vaccine Detoxification Protocol is the afest forms of medicine. The reason for this is because every substance is diluted to a point that we are talking about nano doses of medicine, where not even 1 molecule remains in the homeopathic medicne. This allows us to keep the medicinal positive effects, but eliminate all and any side effects.

What Can I Expect for my Child with Autism?

After using this vaccine detox protocol exclusively for 5 years at our clinic, it is used in almost all cases of autism, or ANY EFFECT NOTICED AFTER ANY VACCINATIONS. About 80% of autistic children respond to the detox with positive results that are permanant. The changes your child will experiences if very difficult to know as it is up to the body to decide what heals, we simply provide the "exact stimulas" that starts that healing response. Some autistic children will see elimintion or reduction in stimming, appetite changes, speech, digestive issues like constipation, comprehension and eye contact to list a few.

Are There any Side Effects?

No there are no standard medical side effects from homeopathy in general and the vaccine detox in specific. The course is extremley detailed on managing the dosing of the detox, when to give, how much to give, and when to stop. It is very safe!

My Child is Very Picky with Food and Texture, Will they Eat It?

Not one child has every had an issue taking the homeopathic medicine, including the vaccine detox. It is a tiny litttle sugar pellet (2mm diameter) with the medicinal solution impregnanted in it. This gets dissolved in 2 cups of water and has absolutely no taste at all, even for the sensitivity of most autistic children.

Will This Work for my Child with Autism?

Like mentioned, 80%-90% of autistic children respond to this vaccine detox, there will be a small percentage that may not. Unfortunately it is impossible to tell. But one very strng key indicator is how certain you are as parant that a health issue developed within 30 days of a vaccination. The more certai you are of this after looking at their time line, the more likely this detox will really help them!

What is the Cost of the Medicine?

The course teaches where to purchase the detox homeopathic medicine and it is only available in the England and can be shipped anywhere. Cost is usually $20-$30USD with shipping. We do carry the detoc medicine locally at the clinic but since it is our on limited stock, there is a slight increased cost if you wanted to purchase instantly.

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