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"He just wakes screaming at night, the NIGHT TERRORS will not stop! "

Your son or daughter wakes up every night screaming in fear, does not know anyone and is inconsolable. They see things or faces or horrible things looking at them at night or think something is under their bed. Most of these symptoms will completely cure after one simple dose of the correct homeopathic medicine.

Once in a while these are a normal part of a normal childhood right? But when this is a weekly even or even a daily thing, it is something that needs to be addressed on the mental/emotional level with deep acting homeopathic medicine.

We will talk about the number one natural homeopathic medicine for night terrors in children(out of the many available to us), and when the indications for its use are there, it will cure.


The key indications for it use.....

-night terrors obviously,

-tend to be sweaty children, especially around the neck and head during sleep

-they tend to have cold feet going to bed but they will get hot after a while

-the tend to have chronic constipation

At the end of the day if your child is dealing with night terrors give one pellet of this medicine and wait at least 1 week, and see the results, if it works it was the correct medicine, if not, just means you need another more fitting homeopathic medicine.

Call us and we will help you figure it out, even if you are not local to the Burlington Ontario area we offer skype consultations to parents all across the world.

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