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"I just had my 3rd Miscarriage and can't get Pregnant"....

I have seen IUI, IVF and fertility hormones cause so many side effects and end up costing couples thousands of dollars, all while "forcing" the body to conceive and maintain a pregnancy unnaturally. You risk multiple miscarriages, severe irritability and anger, headaches and hot flashes to list a few.

Homeopathic Medicine, when prescribed for the person experiencing infertility, will rebalance the hormones so the body itself becomes fertile. Some of the key factors we look for and address under homeopathic care....

Prolonged and Heavy Menstrual Cycles

Very Short and Light Menstrual Cycles

Absent Periods

Severe PMS Symptoms

Severe Temperature Sensitivities to Hot or Cold


Once these are corrected under the proper homeopathic medicine, fertility and the ability to hold the baby the entire pregnancy if easily done. This is working with the body and not against it!

There are over 243 homeopathic medicines for repetitive miscarriages and and infertility, each will completely rebalance the hormones within the body without external means. This only happens when the exact indications for the use of the medicine match the exact symptoms of the patient.


-Extreme Irritability, short temper and very cutting and sarcastic to people they love most

-Indifferent to everything and everyone around, is overwhelmed with everything that has to be done

-Has flushes of heat, but tends to be a chillier person, will poor circulation(cold feet, varicose veins and hemorrhoids

-Tendency to miscarriage in 1st trimester


-Extremely weepy at the slightest thing and can be extremely needy

-Periods tend to be very short or absent

-Miscarriages in 1st or 2nd trimester

-Very mild and soft personality

-Very warm person, always hot, and prefer fresh open air and cool air

-Ovarian pain(or any pain in the body) tends to alternate sides from left to right back to left

One of the latest moms to be tells about her experience....

"I highly recommend Fernando! After having three miscarriages and doctors telling me it was just "bad luck" I had lost all hope of ever having another child. I met a lady who told me about her friend who went to see Fernando and her story was very similar too mine. I had no clue about homeopathic medicine but thought I'd take a chance. A month later and with the first remedy, I found out I was pregnant! I am now over 6 months pregnant and everything has been going good! I cannot thank Fernando enough for all that he has done! He listens and never makes you feel rushed! Going to see him was one of the best decisions I've ever made!"

Jessica Jardine

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