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The SOLUTION to your child who has no appetite and NEVER puts on weight...

Your child feels scrawny, you feel every bone in their body when you pick them up, no matter how much you feed them or how many vitamins they are on. Sound familiar?

No amount of vitamins, supplements, calcium, meat or protein will solve this problem, it is not a deficiency problem, but an absorption problem.

Here is what else I see with the kids that come into the clinic for homeopathic corrective care with this problem....

Cavity prone and rotten teeth

Swollen glands

Enlarged Tonsil and Adenoids

No appetite at all


To List a Few.

90% of these cases respond within the 1st month of homeopathic care with increased appetite and usually 0,5 lbs/month increase in weight.

But every medicine has side effects right? So does homeopathy, and typically it is constipation eliminated, swollen glands reducing in size, and energy and sleep improvements. THERE ARE POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS OF THE CORRECTLY CHOSEN HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE FOR YOUR CHILD!

This is a reset of your child body and immune system that is permanent even once medicine is stopped.


1. Sileca 30CH

Indicators for a child needing this medicine besides low appetite and poor weight gain are sweaty head at night that soaks the pillow, very sensitive to the winter and any draft of air, they are always cold, they tend to have excessive odor of the feet and/or perspiration of the feet. They tend to be a shy and timid child that can have anxiety.

The symptoms of each individual case must be analyzed and match the homeopathic medicine exactly for healing to take place. Get a hold of us if your child is dealing with a similar issue and you want it solved!

We treat children all over the world through online Skype consultations.

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