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Your Child's Eczema and its Homeopathic Cure :)

Sound like you........?

My son/daughter is intolerant/allergic to bananas, eggs, gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy and cheese, whenever they eat it they break out in eczema and hives and start itching like crazy!

The pediatrician or dermatologist will usually prescribe topical corticosteroid creams made with hydrocortisone. Their goal is not to cure the inner disorder in the immune system of your child but to SUPPRESS, SUPPRESS, SUPPRESS the symptoms!

Homeopathy offers over 199 medications that will correct the internal disorder causing this external skin eruption we call "Childhood Eczema".

Only 1 medicine out of the those 199 list in the chart will cure the eczema and subtle difference that present with each child patient guide to the medicine their body is BEGGING for to heal them.

Examples of this the medicine called ARS (arsenicum album) in the chart. For a cure in that case of eczema we would like to see in the child, a restless type of anxiety, especially worse around 12am in bed, along with burning dry eczema with the child always feeling cold. If all that was present in one case, that medicine would cure.

Another example for the medicine we used called SULP (sulphur). For this to cure we would like to see a child who is always feels warm, has hot burning feet, bathing aggravates there eczema, and they tend to be hyperactive. This medicine would cure in that case.

No cream, vitamin or drug can ever do this its all temporary and symptoms covering, not correcting.

Watch the short video below also on food allergies and intolerance's.....

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