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Kids Have Swollen Tonsils? Ever Wondered why only on one side though?

A 4 Years old Patient with only right side tonsil enlarged.

(One of our 4 year patient with right side tonsil swollen)

So your kids have had swollen tonsils for a couple months, never seems to go away, but when you actually try to look in their mouth you only see one side that is really enlarged and swollen. Why does this happen? Does it mean something?

Questions I get asked all the time when moms and dads contact me....

Why is only one tonsil swollen and painful in my child?

Why is only the left or right side tonsil swollen in my toddler?

My child has only one tonsil swollen but there is no pain, why?

Why is only one side enlarged or sore?

Like I mentioned in another blog, whenever you think about enlarged, swollen or infected tonsils think of them as an indicator telling us of a deeper issue going on in your child's immune system. Almost like a smoke detector going off warning that there is a fire brewing somewhere. You could pull the batteries out of the noisy detector, just like you could use surgery and remove the tonsils, but the problem is still there underlying.

How do we know this? In our clinic we see all these kids with constipation, major head sweating, coughs and colds that never clear, just chronic sickness all around. And they almost always have enlarged and swollen tonsils, and over 1/2 the time it is only on one side of the child's or toddlers mouth.

Homeopathic medicine is the only system of medicine that can look up and prescribe on these specific signs and symptoms the body communicates to us, for its healing through medicine.

We have over 62 specific medicines to correct swollen tonsil presenting on either the right or left side, or sometimes even alternating or switching sides. Crazy but true. These are all symptoms that are your child's immune system trying to communicate a message, with a physician that can prescribe based off them. Very specific medicine that results in peramnent cures.

We treat kids all over the world through skype consultations, before your toddler or child goes under the knife for surgery, find out how we can correct swollen tonsils that present only on one side or that switch side.

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