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Sinusitis and Constant Colds in 6 Year old HEALED with Homeopathy!

So many cases I see like this where modern medicine has failed these kids that have constant colds that never heal, nose always discharging green and yellow mucus, and swollen tonsils and adenoids that never go down.

Does this sound like your child? Looking for a natural solution to issues like these? Read Padmaja and her 6 year old daughters case and then contact us to find out how to change your child health permanently.......

Her testimonial after years of chronic sickness and only 4 months of homeopathic corrective care.....

My six year old had been suffering with wheezing, sinusitis and frequent colds that take long to go away. Since under the care of Dr. Gigliotti she has improved a lot and still going on. She is better psychologically, emotionally and her health is steadily improving. She is able to breathe better and sleep better has more energy. She is able to get over sinus infections much faster and without any pharma medicines. She hasn't used the nebulizer or puffer in the past three months. Nostrils are able to drain better Adenoids have gone all down. Hearing is back to normal. Dr.Gigliotti has been there whenever my daughter was sick with his timely response and advice to any new change in symptoms. He is very focused, patient and takes in every detail of the case. I was on the look out for a homeopath to treat my daughter. I found Dr.Gigliotti on youtube while I was looking for details to learn more about some homeopathic remedies that cure tonsils and adenoids. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Gigliotti at the time of need. He has been great. I am grateful and highly recommend New Leaf Homeopathic Family Medicine.

These are the most common cases we see with kids, chronic colds that never heal, coughs that never go away, enlarged adenoids and tonsils and failure to thrive with no appetite ever.

Contact us for a free 15 minute skype or phone consult to find out how to change your child's life around with homeopathic natural home remedies.

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