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Top 3 Natural Homeopathic Home Remedies for Swollen Tonsils!

Is this the story of your child's life? Constantly swollen and enlarged tonsils and adenoids that your pediatrician or specialist want to surgically remove?

At New Leaf Homeopathic Family Medicine we have treated close to 100 cases of swollen tonsils and adenoids in children and we have over 147 Homeopathic Medicines to correct any case of them!

These are the questions and concerns that we get asked frequently......

My kids tonsils are enlarged tonsils but there is no pain Are there any home remedies for tonsillitis in kids? How do I know if my child needs there tonsil out? Enlarged tonsil/adenoids are causing speech problems in my toddler/kids My child has breathing problems with swollen tonsils/adenoids Why are my child's tonsils so huge? My toddler has enlarged tonsils and sleep apnea My child has enlarged tonsils and is unable to eat/breath My child has enlarged adenoids/tonsils and snoring Are there any natural treatments for tonsillitis in children/toddlers? Does my toddler/child need their tonsils out?

Let me help ease your mind that there are permanent solutions that are natural, permanent with no side effects and that boost overall immunity and health as a side benefit. THERE ARE NO DOWN FALLS TO IT.

So here are the top 3 most commonly prescribed homeopathic medicines for these issues, but pleas remember that there usually are no quick fixes in any form of health care, so expect a couple months at minimum to have permanent changes. But we usually see improvement in as little as 1-2 weeks time. If a medicine does not work it just means it is the incorrect one for the case and another more suitable is needed. Also if this has been going on for month you may need to be closely monitored by a classical homeopath to ensure the correct amount of dosing is used so there are no aggravations.


1. Sileca 30CH

This is a very common medicine we use with great results. Couple things we would like to see in the child for this to work....

-Child is sensitive to cold air and drinks

-Typically scrony and skinny children

-Tend to be constipated

-Usually have excessively sweaty head or feet in bed

-They have chronic colds and infections

These are the main indicators for this remedy, but there are many more, so if this does not help just get a hold of us

2. Baryta Carbonica 30CH

This medicine is prescribed for the follow type of child....

-Tend to be a chillier child again and sensitive to cold weather and food and drinks

-has swollen glands

-tend to have stunted or delayed growth

-a major key indicator is that the may show some type of mental developmental delay in any aspect of their life

All these things will improve under Baryta Carbonica if it is the correct medicine for your child. If it does not help please call us.

3. Sulphur 30CH

With a child requiring this medicine we typically like to see the following keys in the case...

-tend to be warm all the time and love a breeze of cool air

-tend to be very hyperactive and inquisitive kids, want to know everything

-may be prone to chronic infections(ear, throat, chest)

-may be prone to diarrhea or itchy skin eruption

This is a very large medicine with many symptoms that help us confirm if this is correct for the patient, so if it does not help please contact us.

The way to take homeopathic medicine safely is take 1 little pill(only 1 regardless of what the bottle says) and let it dissolve in your child's mouth and see how they react in the next week. You need to watch everything about them not just the tonsil, all mental, all emotional, and all physical symptoms and see which improve.

I am available for any questions you have about this. To find out more I offer a 15min free skype consult to answer all your questions.

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