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This is what our patients are saying about us…

Life Long Tonsilitis, Chonic Cold and Cough  Healed

Safreen & Siarra Hasan, 4 Years Old twins, Oakville, Ontario


Our twin daughters were both suffering from frequent cold, chronic bronchitis with vomiting and one of them also had swollen tonsillitis. They would catch cold almost every two to three weeks and they had to take antibiotics almost every month due to their severe cold and infections. We tried the regular medicines and pediatic doctors for three years but did not get a permanent cure and the cycle would continue every month.

We met Fernando at New Leaf Homeopathy last year and started the homeopathy treatment in March 2015. Fernando listened to us very carefully and went very deep into the problem by asking many questions to find the root cause of the problem. Within one month of starting homeopathy, we started to see results which were beyond our expectations. They were not cathing cold frequently and one of the girls just had cold only once in last one year and the other caught cold two or three times in the last one year. They were able to sleep better and breathe better at night as they didnt get blocked nose. They also didn't need to use their puffers frequently. They started to gain weight and their appetite also increased a lot. We are relieved that we do not need to give them antibiotics every month.

We are grateful to Fernando for helping us to find cure to the chronic problem of our daughters. We highly recommend Fernando and New Leaf Homeopathic Family Medicine..

"E.N.T Suggested Surgery, but Homeopathy was a Miricle!"

Jea Casis, 3 years old, Dubai


"...The E.N.T suggested surgery for Jea's enlarged adenoids.  She had enlarged adenoids, no appetite, was always constipated, and was not able to sleep.  She started under homeopathic treatment in June(2 months) and it has been like a miracle!....."(Entire testimony in video)

2 years of Life Threatening  Sleep Apnea Healed!

Olivia A, 2 years old, Hamilton

Olivia suffered from severe sleep apnea episode s that would happen at least 1/week where  she would go pale, lips go blus and almsot stop breathing unless her  mother  would  agressively slap her to wake her.  She also would want to sleep  10 hours a day and  was always extremely lathargic.  The last issues was she would always choke on her food while eating.  These  issues completely stopped after 1 month of homeopathic treatment after having been around for 2 years!  Olivia's life has been comepletely changed!

(Sorry I walk around too much)

Chonic UTI 2 year old

Sureeti Dhamija, 3 years old, Burlington


“Dr Fernando provided our 3 year old very comfy atmosphere as well as best follow up treatment. ”

Hot Flashes Cured

Suzanne P, Stoney Creek, Entrepreneur


“I would like to say how Fernando has helped with all my health issues. I suffered with hot flashes that were effecting my sleep and my daily activities. After Fernando treated me with Homeopathy I now have no episodes at all. His knowledge and Homeopathic remedies have changed my daily life.”

9 Year old , No More Migraines, No More Medications

Charlie C, Burlington, 9 Years old


"When we came to Fernando, Charlie had been having headaches at the

 rate of about 2-3 per week for 5 or 6 months. Within a week of taking

 the remedy prescribed, Charlie's headaches had decreased in frequency

 and severity. And now Charlie has not had one of these headaches in

 over 4 months."


Homeopathy treats causes, not just symptoms

Margret W, Stoney Creek, Broker


“Being new to Homeopathy, I knew very little and wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I have immense faith in homeopathy and Fernando which comes from years of positive results that I have had. Fernando gently took me through and interview/consultation process that made sense and suggested a remedy based on my answers and his knowledge. I love homeopathy because it treats causes not just symptoms.”

Migraine and Stress Relief

Dayna V.  Hamilton, Ontario,  Educational Assistant


“I no longer experience worry or stress about whether I can attend something or fulfill an obligation according to whether I have a migraine or not.  My quality of life has improved tremendously and I literally feel as though the stress I carried in my shoulders and neck has been lifted.  I feel calmer in my everyday life and I now have a clear head.  I have a lot of respect for Fernando and the work that he does and I am beyond appreciative for what he has done for my health and well being. ”

Holistic Homeopathic Approach Worked

Meagan, Burlington, Ontario, Chef


“I want to thank you for your holistic homeopathic approach. Your service, understanding and expertise definitely helped me feel dramatically better and improve my health.”

Homeopathy Cures Skin Rash

Tim S, Milton, Ontario, Personal Trainer


“I begin working with Fern in September of 2012, and in less than 2 months*, my rash had almost completely subsided. I was overly impressed with the results Fern was able to get in such a short period. I couldn’t be happier.”

No more costly supplements and prescriptions

Mary K. Toronto, Ontario, Teacher


“To my surprise homeopathy has really worked for me. I am happy to say that seeing Fern who takes this healing work quite seriously has changed my life for the better. I am not only on the recovery path of a longtime of physical and emotional illness but I am also saving so much money from buying tons of supplements.

Thank you Fern for your fierce dedication to my cause!”

Menopause is not so bad with Homeopathy

Donna C, Hannon, Ontario, Marketing Manager


“Seeing Fernando has changed my life. I now enjoy a full night sleep with no hot flashes and panic attacks are gone. Aches and pains are very manageable. Menopause does not seem so bad.
I was very skeptical about homeopathic medicine and had my doubts at first, but thought I should give it try. The best thing I ever did.”

Weight Loss Success with Homeopathy

Eileen S., Stoney Creek Ontario


“I joined his trial group in February 2013 and completed two rounds of therapy. Down 35 pounds* and keeping it off with little effort. I now am receiving many compliments on my new figure and how much younger I appear.”

Senior Discovers Homeopathy

Valerie R., Retired, Burlington, Ontario


I am a 77 year old woman with various issues, CLL, diabetes and high blood pressure. I have also recently had a melanoma removed followed by some eye surgery.

After the first month of treatment, I was beginning to feel better. My energy came back and the tiredness began to lift.

Great Seminar – When is the next one?

Karen Campenelli, Hamilton, Ontario


Thank you for such a great presentation. As you know I am a firm believer in Homeopathic Medicine. Only wish more people would open their eyes to it. Please let me know of any future seminars you have coming up – would love to attend. Definitely will pass your name on to people. Again very nice to meet you and thank you for a worthwhile hour and a half. Really informative.

Women’s health improved with Homeopathy

Jacqueline G, Stoney Creek, Teacher


“I was struggling with various women’s health issues for about two years before I met with Fern. I had serious complication due to oral contraceptives constant bleeding, headaches, bloating, stomach cramps and pain weight gain, fatigue, increased irritability. I had many doctors’ appointments and it looked like there was no help in sight. I was referred from a friend who had great results with Fern so I decided to meet with him.”

Menopausal Symptoms

Sandra C, Burlington, Retired


“He was very thorough and took all my information, and within a couple of days, had a treatment for me to try. It took maybe 4 weeks for it to get into my system, and I have taken it 3 or 4 times. That was 6 months ago I no longer need to take the natural treatment, as my night sweats gradually went away, also the hot flashes that I would get during the day are almost gone, once in a while I get the odd flash , but it does not last long. I am very happy with the results, and also the manner in which my Homeopath handled my situation.”

These testimonials are genuine and specific to the patients. Results may vary by patient.

* Results vary by patient

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