What to Expect...

We focus on Autism and Speech delays in children at our clinic, although we do tend to address many other health issues in children.

Homeopathy understands the signs, symptoms and characteristics of the person as a language which speaks to the practitioner.  This language of the body is telling the practitioner the medicine it is asking for to restore it to health.

We need to take the child's entire case history from conception up until this point in their life.  Their health history is like a puzzle for the homeopath.  Each ailment or condition they have had fills in one more piece of that total puzzle which helps make a complete picture of the one homeopathic medicine that the child requires to heal.


The level of attention to detail of your childs case, all the mental, emotional and physical concerns must match exactly to the specific homeopathic medicine which they need,  Every homeopathic medicine has certain mental, emotional and physical characteristics which indicates its use in healing a case.

With Autism and speech delays, we examine how exactly does that child present with autism.  Are they violent?  Do they have anxiety?  Do they have constipation or diarrhea?  Are they hand flapping or toe walking?  Are they typically very warm or usually very chilled?  All these little difference dictate a different medicine that they require, to help their body heal.

This healing response is all done passively, without any effort on the childs part, it is a rebalancing of the immune system in the child.  The homeopathic medicine is only used as a stimulus to heal the child in a very specific way, but the childs body actually does all the healing of the health concerns.  

That is why homeopathy is not needed for long periods of time!


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