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Online Homeopathic
"walk-in" Clinic 

READY TO GET YOUR KIDS BETTER?  Are you or your child sick with a cold, cough, fever, ear infection or bronchitis?  This is the latest addition to help serve the community, eliminate needing antibiotics and steroids, and speed healing usually within 24 hours utilizing NATURAL HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES!

When you become a member you will have access to a one on one acute consult with the Homeopathic Doctor for any acute condition you or your family are dealing with.  

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Dr. Devendra is the lead Homeopathic Physician of the acute online clinic.  Dr Devendra and Homeopath Fernando have been colleagues for well over 5 years.  His 12 plus years of training and clinical experience in Hahnamanian Classical Homeopathic Prescribing guarantee success in his clinic.  As a 2nd generation homeopathyHe brings true homeopathic healing at your fingertips for your children!

2nd Generation  Homeopathic Dr with 12y Experience

Professional and Award winning Homeopath Dr. Devendra is the Lead Doctor for the clinic

Online Quick Homeopathic Help worldwide!

Like having a Homeopathic Dr on call, or at your home ASAP.

The Process is so Easy!

Detailed questionnaire about the illness, 5 min video call if needed to get your kids better Naturally and Fast!

Fast Help when your Kids are Sick

The dr will respond in almost all cases within 12 hour or sooner with your prescription!

24/7 Homeopathic Support

In many cases you can avoid a trip to the family Dr thus avoiding antibiotics and steroids.

Unlimited Acute care for $97 per month!

No commitments, monthly membership, cancel anytime (bet you won't want to :)

  • Gold Care Plan

    Every month
    Acute Homeopathic Clinic for 1 Child
    • PERSONALIZED 1 on 1 care with the Homeopathic Doctor
    • FAST response within 12 hours from Homeopathic Dr.
    • UNLIMITED acute homeopathic care for 1 Child
    • VIDEO CALLS when required are included
  • Platinum Care Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for families with up to 3 kids!
    • PERSONALIZED 1 on 1 Acute Homeopathic Care
    • FAST Response typically within 12 hours
    • Up to 3 Kids w/UNLIMITED care per month
    • VIDEO CALLS if required are included
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